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Ancient Sites in Turkey

Ancient Sites in Turkey

Turkey, a sort of bridge between Europe and Asia, has been a cultural crossroads for thousands of years. Numeros civilizations –Greeks from the west and Mongols from easts—settled or moved through the (vast) area at one point or another, leaving lasting and impressive reminders of their sojourns. As a result, virtually every religion in Turkey has a bounty of stunning ancient ruins.

Mt. Nemrut : At the top of a desolate mountain, this 2000 year old temple a collection of larger than life statues facing the rising and setting sun is a testament to the vanity of an ancient king .

Ani : The abandoned former capital of a local Armenian kingdom, this haunting city in the middle of nowhere is filled with the ruins of stunning churches.

Ephesus : This remarkably well-preserved Roman city has a colonnaded library that seems like it could stil be checking out boks and an amphitheater that appears ready for a show.

Termessos : This impregnable ancient city is set dramatically high up in the mountains above Antalya ; even Alexander the Great and the Romans found it too difficult to attack.

Cappadocia’s underground cities : A marvel of ancient engineering , these subterranean cities –some reaching 20 stories down and holding up to 20,000 people—served as a refuge for Christians under siege from Arab raiders.

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