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Troy (Truva) in Turkey

Trojan Horse in Turkey

Troy, Homeros thought to have been written by one of the two verse epics of the Iliad, later mentioned that war is an ancient city of Troy. Takes place within the province of Canakkale.

Trojan horses, renowned for intelligence to overcome the walls of Troy and Odysseus do to sneak into the city is a model of the wooden horse.

The ancient city of Troy and the Trojan horse, every year is visited by many tourists. Also in this city about the film was shots.


Ancient Sites in Turkey

Ancient Sites in Turkey

Turkey, a sort of bridge between Europe and Asia, has been a cultural crossroads for thousands of years. Numeros civilizations –Greeks from the west and Mongols from easts—settled or moved through the (vast) area at one point or another, leaving lasting and impressive reminders of their sojourns. As a result, virtually every religion in Turkey has a bounty of stunning ancient ruins.

Mt. Nemrut : At the top of a desolate mountain, this 2000 year old temple a collection of larger than life statues facing the rising and setting sun is a testament to the vanity of an ancient king .



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