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Turkish Children Games

Turkish Kids Games

SAKLAMBAÇ  (HIDE AND SEEK): This game is played at least four persons. One is chosen as "ebe" means the person who is on duty. Ebe turns to the wall and starts to count up to fifty. Others try to hide himself or herself as soon as possible. After counting, ebe says "okay!". And starts to see the other persons. If ebe sees someone and says his or her name  and adds "sobe" aloud and put his or her hand on the wall. Others try to say "sobe" and put his or her hand on the wall without being seen by ebe. The person to be seen and be said his or her name aloud becomes new ebe.


Aşura and Aşure Dessert

Turkish Asure

It is the name of tenth day of Muharrem which is the first month of lunar calendar. That day is very important in Islam. In the past, many of major events took place on that day. Some are as follows: Prophet Jonah (P.B.U.H) rescued from the abdomen of the big dolphin today. Prophet Joseph (P.B.U.H.) rescued from the dungeon today. Prophet Noah's (P.B.U.H.) ship landed on the coast today. And so on. We pray this day more than others for all the humans to get health, to live peacefully and become happy.



Nightlife in Turkey

Nightlife in Turkey

Turkey is a touristic country and every year millions of tourists worldwide come to visit Turkey. So, what is the reason for that amount of tourists to come to visit Turkey every year? There are lots of reasons for that. First of all, Turkey is a historical country at all, there are lots of historical buildings and places in Turkey. It’s also very cheap when it’s compared to the other worldwide popular tourists destination’s worldwide. It’s people is warm and friendly, etc, lots of other reasons as well.


A Tourist Needs to Know the Important Turkish Phrases

Important Turkish Phrases

Some important Turkish sentences that a tourists who visit to Turkey have to know :
Turkish - English

  • "Afedersiniz, terminale nasıl gidebilirim?" - "Excuse me! How can I get to the coach station?"
  • "Bir kişilik bir oda istiyorum, lütfen" - "A single room please."
  • İki kişilik bir oda istiyorum - A room for two persons please
  • "Üç kişilik bir oda istiyorum" - "A room for three persons please."
  • "Lütfen benim için polisi arayabilir misiniz?" - "Can you call the police for me please?"


Markets and Bargaining in Turkey

Grand Bazaar in Istanbul Turkey

A highlight of any trip to Turkey is a stroll through one of the country’s delightful markets; they provide the chance to experience the country at its most vibrant and colorful. The granddaddy of them all is, of course, the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, a must-see simply because of its sheer size and historical significance. Though touristy, this is the most concenient place to stock up on the souvenirs –inlaid wood backgammon sets, colorful ceramic bowls, and of course, rugs—you will want to bring back home. Remember, in all of Turkey’s markets, bargaining is the norm.



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