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Wedding (Marriage) in Turkey

Marriage in Turkey

Like every country Turkey also has some conditions for marriage. Turkish people can marry at foreign countries so as foreigners can marry at Turkey. The best moment for a marriage is known as to be married at a foreign country. This is a tradition for some countries and they continue to do that. Many Turkish people, as well, get married at foreign countries no matter they are famous people or not.


Turkish Folk Dances - Turkish Folklore

Turkish folk dance

Turkey is a big country. It has so many kinds of folk dances. Every part of the country has its own culture and folk dances. There are over 4000 folk dances determined up to now. Researches are still going on and not completed. Folk dances are involved in the way of behaving, eating, wearing, working together etc. So they are related to all aspects of life. They help people to improve their abilities. Because in them, a person reflects his or her skills, thoughts, cultures, likes and dislikes.


Yağlı Güreş (Kirkpinar Turkish Oil Wrestling)

Turkish oil wrestling

Yağlı güreş is a kind of wrestling that the wrestlers drop oil on their bodies and slide over it. Therefore, to hold the body becomes very hard. In official, there are two kinds of styles. Free and greko-romen. Yağlı güreş is held in wedding ceremonies, for charity purposes to raise money for public establishments. Every year, in June, yağlı güreş competition is held for the honor of the troops who crossed the Çanakkale Strait to Gallipoli to participate the Rumelia wars, under the leadership of Süleyman Pasha. This takes place in Sarayiçi, in Edirne.



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