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Customs in Turkey

Turkish Customs

Turks are very often known for their customs and style of living. They are more formal and traditional than the north Americans or Australians. The traditional customs in Turkey are because of the Ottoman Empire that ruled Turkey till July 24, 1923. After that Turkey gained independence and turned into Republic of Turkey on October 29, 1923.


Turkish Horon Dance

Horon Dance

If you are interested in Turkish, especially in Turkish culture, you are more likely know Turkish people love dancing too much and Turkey have lots of dance types. For example, Zeybek dance is a special type of dance for Agean area of Turkey and Ankara dance is the special type of dance for the Middle region Turkey. At this article, we will focus on the Horon dance which is special for Black Sea region of Turkey and we will try to give you some information about it.



Dardanelles Strait

Lots of people worldwide know something about the Dardanelles, or Canakkale Bogazi in Turkish, is a long and huge strait which devides the Asia continent and Europe continent. Some people know the Dardanelles because they have been there, some people know something about it because they are interested in Greek mythology ( Dardanelles has an importance in Greek mythology and there are lots of myths in Greek history about the Dardanelles) and some people know something about it because of the war history, lots of war have been performed at and near to the Dardanelles throughout the history. And, some people know the Dardanelles because of it’s geographical importance, you can easily make your mind that it is an important place for geography.


Women in Turkey

Turkish Beatiful Women

With the recent societal changes everywhere women, in general, have been given equal importance in comparison with man in the society or at least given more importance than what they used to get in the days of yore. But a close research of the women in Turkey reveals the fact that both the sexes have been preferred equally in their own aspects and responsibilities since the Ottoman Empire ruled over Turkey.



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