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Turkish Dating Culture – Are They Liberal or Conservative About Dating Before Marriage?

Turkish Dating Culture

Turkey is a country straight in the middle of east and West so there are cultural impacts. Turkish dating culture is in the same situation. There are liberal and conservative people in turkey regarding to dating before marriage. If you are going to live in big cities like Istanbul, Ankara or Izmir you will find it more liberal. But instead, if you are going to live in eastern or in middle Anatolia you will find that Turkish dating culture is more conservative.


4 Examples About Turkey High Context Culture

Turkey High Context Culture

I came in Turkey in 2004 and first times I had it difficult to get used with high context culture in Turkey. Below I will write 4 examples about turkey high context culture and this way you can understand me better.

1.Time is flexible

For Turkish people  time is flexible so they are not punctual at all. They easily be late to somewhere.

2.Hierarchical roles

There is a hierarchy in family  and the rules are strict. Mostly the daddy’s will is an order for kids. Older people always know it better.


Best Thermal Springs and SPA’s in Turkey

Turkey is in a volcanic area and there are so many thermal springs in Turkey. The hot springs in turkey mostly are calcium and magnesium rich and the temperature in thermal springs in Turkey vary from 36°C to 80°C. This waters cure so many dermatological, rheumatismal, gynecological and neurological diseases. There is said that this hot springs cures also physical exhaustion and digestive disorders. In the Turkey Ministry of Tourism website are listed 17 SPA resorts so you can choose your favorite. Below we will do a top 5 list.


Top 5 Places You Should Visit in Turkey

Turkey is the only country in the world were west and east cultures meet . Turkey is in top list of many travelers because there are so many attractive, heritages and beautiful places to visit in Turkey. If we try to write about all touristic places in Turkey than we would need a whole book, so in the list below we will write only about top five destinations to visit in Turkey.

1. Istanbul



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