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Women in Turkey

Turkish Beatiful Women

With the recent societal changes everywhere women, in general, have been given equal importance in comparison with man in the society or at least given more importance than what they used to get in the days of yore. But a close research of the women in Turkey reveals the fact that both the sexes have been preferred equally in their own aspects and responsibilities since the Ottoman Empire ruled over Turkey.

Talking about the time when the Ottoman Empire existed in Turkey, the women were given the responsibilities of the household, family, corps animals, whereas the father figure used to go out for earning. This custom of equality continued for a long period of time and finally with the advancement of time, generations and society, the veneer of equality was forbidden and conceptions like civil marriage and divorce started to come into exist.

Society is an institution, the norms of which do not change all of a sudden. It needs a gradual development. Still now arranged marriages are practiced in the cultural society and the value of feminine virginity is still there.

Today, although the women have equal opportunities in law, in reality the situation is different. From the very beginning women faces the deficiency of education and income, as a result of which most of the times they can not avail the legal facilities provided to them in society. The doleful condition of women can only change if they can break out of the brutal environments and stand against the tyrannical attitude of the society towards them. Women in Turkey, freedom and have all legal rights.

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