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What to do in Istanbul

What to do in Istanbul

If a person decides to go to Istanbul, he needs to be ready to experience sightseeing at its best. Listed below are just a few things that they can see and do while visiting Istanbul, they are as follows:

  • Reflecting the power of The Ottoman Empire, three Topkapi palace is a must see for every visitor.
  • Just close to the palace is The 1st Byzantine church, which was then converted to a mosque and now a museum Hagia Sophia is the place to be.
  • Stop and thank God in the beautiful Blue Mosque.
  • Relax in the beauty of the Byzantine Hippodrome.
  • To show the real culture of Turkey, the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts is the right place to be.
  • For all the tired people, come and indulge yourself in the refreshing, relaxing and revitalizing Turkish bath.
  • For all the religious people, in Chore lies the church of St. Savior
  • The grand bazaar has traditionally designed Turkish carpets which reflect the vibrant colors of turkey.
  • Turkey is also known for its spices, and what best than to experience it in the Egyptian market.
  • One can even go to Old Istanbul where you get to see the most spectacular view of Old Istanbul would be the Galata Tower
  • The mother of the Ottoman Empire palaces is known as Dolmabahce Palace is also a must see.
  • The Turkish military and home to the Turkish military band is the military museum.

There is so much more to see between the old and new Istanbul, that a person would never want to come back without seeing everything that Istanbul has to offer. Be ready to not just enjoy but get to learn experience and see the culture and traditions of Turkey which has been well maintained in the midst of Istanbul.

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