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Wedding (Marriage) in Turkey

Marriage in Turkey

Like every country Turkey also has some conditions for marriage. Turkish people can marry at foreign countries so as foreigners can marry at Turkey. The best moment for a marriage is known as to be married at a foreign country. This is a tradition for some countries and they continue to do that. Many Turkish people, as well, get married at foreign countries no matter they are famous people or not.

What is required to be married at Turkey?

In Turkey, a Turkish citizen and a foreigner or two people from different countries can only be married with the help of a Turkish marriage officer. If they are two from a same country, they can be married at the official institutions of their country in Turkey, like consulate, units they are belong to Foreign Affairs Ministry, if they have the required permission from their country.

The foreigners applications for marriage are accepted from the marriage office and same conditions and officers do what is required to do and conditions are the same conditions for a Turkish people. The officers make contact with the consulates of their country or they can directly contact with the General Marriage Directions for their marriage license.

Love has no borders in any country so as in Turkey. In time the marriage percent in Turkey with foreigners increased too much, near to 50 percent. Generally, Turkish men get married to foreign women, this is really common now. Turkish women are seeking for the condition of being Muslim who they are planning to be married so they marriage process is not so fast as Turkish men.

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