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Visa Requirements for Turkey

Turkey Visa

In order to go and experience Turkey, One needs to apply for a visa; here are the requirements that are needed to gain entry in Turkey.

Every country will have a visa office of various other countries, it will always be advisable to get in touch with them and find out for any specific requirements. The general requirements to get a visa are as follows.

  1. A valid passport  
  2. Visa application form needs to be filled
  3. A passport size recent photograph of the person Appling for the visa.
  4. Documentation which states the reason and purpose of the visit.
  5. A guarantee document
  6. The fee amount that would be needed which is non-refundable. For this it would be advisable to call the local office and find out the cost
  7. A valid residence visa as this proves that you’re a citizen of a country you have a valid residential proof.
  8. If the person is going there for an official trip, then he needs a letter from the company stating the reason why he is going there. Along with the documentation mentioned above.

For nearby countries, one can even enter turkey through the Turkish border. In that case, the requirements would be

  1. A valid passport which should not be expiring during the time when the visa is issued.   
  2. The processing fee amount.

There are two types of visa that are available, they are

  1. The single entry visa, which is a onetime use.
  2. The multiple entry visa, the person can visit turkey anytime he wants
  3. The transit entry visa which is valid for ninety days

The tourist visa is valid for ninety days. It may take the person a minimum of six to eight weeks to get the visa.

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