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Turkish Traditions

Traditional Turkish Foods

The culture of Turkey is very diverse. The culture is rich because of the various elements of the different independent empires in the past. The important elements that comprise the culture of Turkey are folk dances, adumbration play, cuisine, abstract and etc.

There are number of folk dances in Turkey namely Izmir and Horon folk dances. The Izmir people accomplish Izmir folk dance, aswell accepted as Zeybek dances. There are two types of Zeybek folk dances including apathetic and Yoruk Zeybek. The clarinet and boom are the two agreeable instruments that are acclimated to play the accomplishments music of the Izmir dance. If the ball is performed in a calm building, the baglama apparatus is used.

The dance, which is performed during the sin-sin anniversary, is the Horon folk ball. The Sin moon goddess is celebrated during the sin-sin anniversary. Other folk dances such as Duz Halay and Bas bar of Erzurum are performed during this festival. Folk dances of Turkey are based on the sam theme, which is courage. The apparel and music shows the essence of the communities that lives in Turkey.

The Turkish literacture is greatly influenced from the Ottoman Empire. The Persian and Arabian influence can also been seen I the literature. Some of the famous Turkish authors are Tevfik Fikret, Yunus Emre, Asik Veysel...

The cuisines from all around the world are served in Turkish restaurants. Kebab is a very famous dish being served in the restaurants. Turkish people are fond of lamb meat in their meals. There are different types of kebabs being served in the restaurants, which includes sis kebab, doner kebab, alanazik and etc. Aubergine is acclimated as the capital capacity in abounding dishes such as hunkarbegendi. The pilav is one of the complicated rice dishes that are being prepared only by some of the experienced chefs. Borek is another famous Turkish dish which is a pie filled with potatoes and cheese. The confectionaries in Turkey are also very famous. Some of the Turkish confectionaries cover helva, asure, lokum and kadayif.

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