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Turkish Horon Dance

Horon Dance

If you are interested in Turkish, especially in Turkish culture, you are more likely know Turkish people love dancing too much and Turkey have lots of dance types. For example, Zeybek dance is a special type of dance for Agean area of Turkey and Ankara dance is the special type of dance for the Middle region Turkey. At this article, we will focus on the Horon dance which is special for Black Sea region of Turkey and we will try to give you some information about it.

Horon Dance is a special type of Turkish dance and as we stated before, it is special to the Black Sea region of Turkey. If you have watched the Horon dance videos before, you can easily recognize that Horon dance is really a fast pace dance and it makes people, whether they are playing it or watching it laugh. It is really too hard to find a person who can play the Horon dance at any other place of world expect from the Turkey.

Even many Turkish people can not perform the Horon dance but only the Turkish people from the Black Sea region can perform that dance very well, as I said before this Horon dance is special to the that Black Sea region. And, people perform the Horon dance at their wedding ceremonies and also at their other special ceremonies. Actually, Horon dance is originally comes from the Black Sea region.

Sample Horon Dance video:

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