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Turkish Folk Dances - Turkish Folklore

Turkish folk dance

Turkey is a big country. It has so many kinds of folk dances. Every part of the country has its own culture and folk dances. There are over 4000 folk dances determined up to now. Researches are still going on and not completed. Folk dances are involved in the way of behaving, eating, wearing, working together etc. So they are related to all aspects of life. They help people to improve their abilities. Because in them, a person reflects his or her skills, thoughts, cultures, likes and dislikes. We can find out the people’s cultures by watching their dances.

Every part of Turkey has a special kind of dances. For example, Black Sea region has very quick dances. Because living conditions are hard and is needed to be careful and fast. Quick movements help people to be healthy and good in shape. Also the area is rough and steepy. Every person in that area should move for along time and be quick.

In Aegean Region, dances are so slow. Because living conditions and transportation are easy. Many kinds of fruits and vegetables are grown. A little effort is enough to live on. Clothes are loose and short. Because climate is suitable for that kind of wearing.

In central part of Turkey, “halay” is common. Halay is practised in three different regions. In East, South and central part of Turkey halay is played. Drum and zurna- a primitive, double- reed instrument, are played during halay. Figures and music should be fitted to give a good feelings.

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