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Touristic Places in Turkey - Part 1


Most of the tourists visiting Turkey choose this country for its beautiful beaches. The best beaches of Turkey are located in Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. These beaches are famous for their clean coasts and diamond blue water. Patara, Olympos and Ölüdeniz are well known ones of them. The Butterfly Valley which is near Ölüdeniz Beach is famous for its natural beauty as well as its beach.

Istanbul which connects Asia and Europe has a lot of touristic places to visit. This fascinating city attracts millions of tourists every year. Hagia Sophia, Maiden’s Tower and Topkapı Palace can be visited here. Çamlıca Hill is the perfect place to enjoy the amazing view of the Bosphorus while drinking and eating something.

Polonezköy was built by Polish people living under the rule of Ottomans and its name means Polish Village. The village is near İstanbul and you can go there by bus easily. This place is ideal to spend a weekend in a rural atmosphere. You can taste delicious Polish and Turkish food here and enjoy a horse-riding around the village. If you don’t know how to ride, don’t worry. You can hire a phaeton and get a chance to see around.

Pamukkale is a geological miracle which seems like cotton or ice. The reason for this is the minerals in the water. There are terraces here and all of them seem like pools full of water. It is also known that the water in Pamukkale has treating effects on some diseases.

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