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Sweating, Massages, Exfoliation and Relaxing in Turkish Bath (Hammam)

Turkish Bath Hammam

Relaxation and exfoliation of the skin during a meeting in the Turkish bath. Discover all the benefits of steam and indulge in a session of total relaxation.

The benefits of steam were already known in ancient Egypt. Thus was born the Turkish bath which takes its name from the Eastern tradition of making steam bath in a real rite of cleansing the body.

In the West, Turkish bath, or hammam is also very popular thanks to its many virtues.

The Turkish bath is effective for both women and men: a more thorough cleaning of the skin, the hammam is also a great way to fight against stress, rheumatic pain, muscular tension, thesleeplessness and inflammation of the airways.

More than a place to wash, get a massage, steam room is also a meeting place with friends, a place of relaxation and discussion.
According to Muslim tradition, women spend an entire day to steam along with their close friends and female relatives a few days before getting married: a day of fun and laughs long awaited by all brides.

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