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Paradise Country Turkey : General Information About Turkey

Turkey About

As it is located between two continents, Europe and Asia, Anatolia has always been a cradle of civilizations and thus Turkey has a great cultural and historical heritage from these civilizations. It is possible to see ancient ruins in any part of Turkey. If you visit İstanbul, the former capital of Ottoman Empire, you can see historical monuments and structures built by Ottomans and Romans.

In the Aegean Region, there are ancient city ruins which are thousands years old. Despite the long time having passed after their construction, some of old ancient amphitheaters are still standing. In the South East Region, Mount Nemrut is a surprising place with its giant statues. Many people visit there to see them and stay there till morning to watch sunrise which looks amazing.

The Black Sea Region is famous for its green environment, foggy mountains, uplands that are favorite places to stay during summer because of fresh air and cool climate. Many tourists visit the Black Sea Region for camping, trekking or hiking. Sumela Monastery is the most famous symbol of that region. It is an ancient structure built into a rocky mountain.

In addition to its cultural prosperity, Turkey has also great natural beauties such as the Butterfly Valley which is a world famous natural heritage. East and south coasts of Turkey attract millions of tourists every year. Turkey has some of the best beaches in the world. The sands are fine, the sea seems like diamond here. And, that’s why you should visit Turkey at least once in your life.

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