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Information For Tourists From Turkey to Buy Real Estate

Real Estate in Turkey

It was stated that management will make warning with brochures for prevent tourists who want to buy estates from being cheated at Muğla and it’s touristical districts like Bodrum, Marmaris, Datça, Fethiye.

Mugla Real Estate Brokers Association Chairman Ziya Ercan stated that, people musn’t cheat people and added “ Real Estate market accelerates at summer season. “Every summer season 3 millions of domestic and foreign tourist visit our region.” House buying and house selling trends increase at this time of year. This works should be example for every region of country. People work for years and save money, they want to invest it in our region and we mustn’t cheat them.”

These warnings were in brochure.

“Before buying a residence you should give advices from authorized people and property consultants. Learn whether your chosen area is authorized from Turkish Consulting Ministry and be careful, don’t forget to learn whether your land has official restriction to be constructed. If you chosen area doesn’t have title deed not to buy it. If your chosen land is mortgaged or garnishment don’t buy that land before these problems solved. Don’t negotiate about your land with seeing the land’s catalog or scale model, you must the real land. If you are planning to buy an apartment, make sure that this building has a construction permission. Make sure that this building was built according to seismic building regulations and Turkish Standards Institute (TSE). Learn whether that building has any problem with mortgage and garnishment or any type of debt from Development Office of Special Administration. Not to buy any building or land expect from lands from City Hall Contiguous lands. And, be careful about deed, not pay the fee without taking the deed. Building chase documents are required and not forget to take these document. When you are making deal, write all of the principles of the agreement. At last, if the type of your sale is a partnership with the owner of the land, learn whether land owner has the right from all of the interest owners.

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