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Geography of Turkey

Geography of Turkey

Turkey falls in the Europe-Asia continent and under the southern Europe- Western Asia region. It is a transcontinental country.  This country is covered with ninety eight percent of land and two percent of water.  The highest point being Mt Agri else know as Ararat which is 5137 m and the Mediterranean Sea which is the lowest point.

Turkey has a Mediterranean climate and the dominant religion is Islam.

The longest river that flows is Kizilirmak which runs a huge one thousand three hundred and fifty kilometers. The largest lake is called Van which is three thousand seven hundred and fifty five kilometers.

Turkey also has a few regions which are as follows.

The black sea region: It is home to the famous black sea that got its name due to the lack of oxygen in the sea water in that region.  It is also known as the sea of death and its water is toxic as well as poisons after a certain depth.

The marmara region: It is the smallest and the densest. Named after the Sea of Marmara.

The Aegean region: It is located in the western part of the country.

The Mediterranean region: Is a warm region, with humid winters and hot and dry summers. The temperature in this region can go up to 24 degrees in winters and above 30 degrees in summer.

The central Anatolia region: Termed in geographical terms as Plateau, it it=s the second largest region in Turkey, with limited rainfall and is famous for the beautiful Turkish carpets which are weaved in this region.

The eastern: This region has the highest altitude, the largest geographical area and lowest population.

The south eastern Anatolia region: This region covers 9.7 % of turkey and falls under both the continental climate and the Mediterranean climate.

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