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Climate in Turkey

Climate in Turkey

Inspite of being situated in a region of temperate Turkey experiences a very extreme climatic range. The temperature in turkey varies greatly from season to season. Roughly turkey has been divided into seven regions depending upon the weather and climatic regions. The climate in different regions of turkey is so diverse that the weather system on the coasts greatly contrasts with that prevailing inside the country. While the Mediterranean and Aegean coastal regions have very dry and hot summers and moderate through the winters, Istanbul and Cappadocia have extremely cold winters.

Because of such diverse climatic conditions one cannot give a general idea about the climatic of Turkey. Rainfall is generally less towards the eastern region whereas the Black Sea Coast registers the highest amount of rainfall.  The eastern part of the coast receives the highest amount of rainfall with an average of 1,400 millimeters. In other regions the rainfall may vary anywhere from 580 to 1,300 millimeters annually. The Mountain range present close to the coast preventing Mediterranen influences extending inside and gives and results into an altogether different climatic in the inland.
Some regions such as Istanbul and the Marmara region experiences a very moderate climate with a winter temperature around 4 deg C and summer 27 deg C.  Anatolian Plateau experiences much more extreme climate than the coastal regions. Winters are very severe in this region. Temperature in the Mountain region towards the east can be as low as -30 deg c to -40 deg c and area is covered with snow for almost 120 days in an year.

As the eastern region experiences pretty cold winters the temperature prevailing in the western region is entirely different. Here while the average temperature recorded in winter is around 1 deg c and the summers are pretty hot and dry, with the temperature generally above 30 deg c. Annual precipitation in this region averages around 400 millimeters.

The western Anatolia and the southern region experiences the same mild Mediterranean climate. Here the average temperature in winters is around 3-4 deg C and that in summers comes around 27-28 deg C. At times the temperature in winter can drop below zero. The climate of Anatolian region is termed as stepper climate as there is a great difference between the temperatures of day and night.

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