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Capital of Turkey – Ankara

Anitkabir Ankara

The capital of turkey is named as Ankara (formerly known as Angora) and is the second largest city in the country after Istanbul. Ankara is also the capital of the Ankara province, a region located in the Anatolian Plateau in the west central part of Turkey. Located centrally in Anatolia, Ankara is important for commercial trade and is termed as the industrial city of Turkey.

Since the very beginning Ankara has been the center for the Turkish government. Ankara has served as the main hub for all the politicians, administrators and all other important official of the country. In short Ankara is termed as the ruling capital of Turkey.

Being a part of Turkey Ankara experiences a continental climate with cold winters and hot and dry summers. Due to the high altitude location of Ankara, summers are mostly dry with a pleasant and cool temperature in night. Ankara receives rainfall during the spring and autumn with an average precipitation rate of 415 millimeters.

Ankara’s history can be traced back to Bronze age. Hatti civilization is one of the oldest settlements in and around Ankara. The city changes a lot after that following a mass expansion and migration from other parts. The city passed under the control of Roman Empire after its acquisition by Augustus in 25 BC. The city remained under the Roman Empire for a long time. The Turkish acquired control over it 1071 after the victory of Turkish Seljuk Sultan Alparslan in the Battle of Manzikert.

The current population of Ankara is around 39 lakhs with equal proportion of men and women.

Ankara is one of the main attractions for tourists. It houses a lot many museums, archeological sites and Mosques. Few of the major attractions are Ataturk Masuleom, Temple of Augustus and Rome and the museum of Anatolian.

Ankara is quite famous for its Angora goat(known for its wool), Angora cat and white rabbits(again known for its wool).

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