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It is not possible to fully appreciate Istanbul unless one makes a traditional and unforgettable tour by sea on the Bosphorus separating Asia form Europe, towards the Black Sea.

The magnificent and purely beatiful European and Asian coasts connected to one another with two modern suspension bridges, make up symbols of both today and the past. There are modern hotels next to seaside manisons, rustic palces adjacent to rock castles and elegant buildings in districts carrying the nostalgia of little fishing villages.. The best way of seeing the Bosphorus, is to take a voyage by boarding one of the passenger ferries zigzagging along its coasts. The tour starting at Eminönü continues by stopping respectively at the Asian and European sides of Istanbul. This wonderful trip takes approximately 6 hours.

Located at the prettiest part of the Bosphorus, used as the holiday resort of the sultans in its time, Ortaköy has been an attractive settlement center, ever since Ottoman times, Sitting today within the triangle of mosque, church and synagogue, Ortaköy, is one of Istanbul's major entertainment and shopping centers of Istanbul, with is bazaar and the "intellectual market" within, gift shops, cafes, bars and restaurants, If you go on further towards Europe froum Ortaköy, you will encounter respectively Kuruçeşme, Bebek and Rumeli Hisarı. At Hisar in 1452, within the framework of the preparations to conquer the city, Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror had buit the Rumeli Castle, which is proud looking fortress on the European side with the work of 1000 craftsmen and ladorers within 4 months. It purpose was to cut off any assistance that could be given to Byzantium from the North. Rumeli Castle is probably the best looking example of classical ottoman castle architecture, On the other hand, at the Asian side of the Bosphorus, once the.

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