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Best Thermal Springs and SPA’s in Turkey

Turkey is in a volcanic area and there are so many thermal springs in Turkey. The hot springs in turkey mostly are calcium and magnesium rich and the temperature in thermal springs in Turkey vary from 36°C to 80°C. This waters cure so many dermatological, rheumatismal, gynecological and neurological diseases. There is said that this hot springs cures also physical exhaustion and digestive disorders. In the Turkey Ministry of Tourism website are listed 17 SPA resorts so you can choose your favorite. Below we will do a top 5 list.

Top 5 thermal springs in Turkey

Pamukkale is the most famous location in Turkey for thermal springs. Pamukkale is located in Denizli and in back ancient times it was used by Roman empire as a SPA center. The thermal hot springs history dates back to Roman times, when there was a hospital-city called Hierapolis.

Bursa is another location with famous ancient thermal and spas center built by the Ottomans right after they took the city from byzantine empire. Today these famous thermal springs and baths still exist in Hotel Karvansaray, the most famous hotel with a thermal resort in Bursa.

Another antic thermal and hot springs in Turkey located in Yalova, a city near Istanbul. This location is also famous for shores of Agamemnon, a historical figure in antic Troy.

Koycegiz Lake
Koycegiz Lake is another thermal spring center with ancient history. Koycegiz Lake is famous for a beautiful scenery and white salt around the lake. It is located near Dalman Airport and some famous destination you should visit like marmaris or fethiye. Near Koycegiz lake there are few hot springs resorts like Velibey Thermal Baths and Riza Çavus Thermal Baths. It this thermals you can enjoy a mood bath and get soaked in the hot thermal waters.

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