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Ankara : Capital City of Turkey

Ankara Turkey

Ankara is the capital and also the second biggest city of Turkey after Istanbul. According to the sources, the population of Ankara is more than 6 millions and it’ rising every year because of it’s that an important city, not only for Turkey but also the Europe and rest of the world. As I stated before, it’s the capital of Turkey and there are lots of important people and every year some important international meetings are held at Ankara.

Be trust, Ankara is not a superb city when it comes to tourism and tourist attractions. The first reason for that, the history of Ankara not dates back so old years and there were no important civilizations or societies. Another reason for that, Ankara wasn’t an important city before the Turkish Republic era, at Ottoman era. It was just a small town and you can’t wait a small town like Ankara to be a huge tourism place. Also, it’s not near to any sea like many other Turkish touristic land and it’s weather is also too cold. Anyway, Ankara is a metropol city and it can’t be considered as an unimportant city, too. There are some natural parks and antique remains, as a few of them but they can still worth to visit. Ankara Zoo is another place to visit at Ankara. Ulus Square and Kizilay Square are among the other popular places in Ankara city, they worth to visit, too. At last, I want to say Ankara is can’t be superb touristic city in Turkey because Turkey has lots of other great touristic city, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy and spend a holiday in Ankara. Ankara has lots of beauties inside of it, too.

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