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Turkish Borek (Flaky Pastry)

Turkish Borek

Börek is a very popular and also very delicious cuisine which comes from the Turkish foods. Actually, it’s not only belongs to the Turks, it originally comes from the Ottoman Empire and it has a long history as you can see. So, today börek is cooked not only in Turkey but also in Greece, Albania, Bulgaria and some other countries with other names like banisa in Bulgaria, boureg in Albania and burekki in Greece. But, it’s still produced and eaten in Turkey at most.


Doner Kebab

Doner Kebab

Doner kebab is the most famous Turkish food among the tourists. So, what is doner kebab and what makes it? It’s simply the “rotating roast.” You can enjoy the doner kebab at Turkey, Greece, Arab, China countries and also many other places, but the most famous and the most delicious type of doner kebab is found at Turkey, for sure. Even if there are no exact data on that, it is considered that Turkish are who first invented the Doner Kebab, one of the most delicious food. Actually, doner kebab can’t be considered as a single food, it is much more a snack.


Turkish Simit

Turkish Simit Bagel

Turkish Simit, especially eaten with Turkish tea. Simit is generally served plain, or for breakfast to tea with jelly, jam or cheese. A simit (Turkish) is a circular bread with sesame seeds, very common in Turkey. The characteristics of simit (size, crunchiness/chewiness, etc.) tend to vary by region. In the city of İzmir, simit is known as "gevrek" (literally, 'crisp' in Turkish) although it is very similar to the Istanbul variety.

Simit is also known as "Turkish bagel" in the USA.


Turkish Nargile - Hookah

Turkish Nargile

Hookah is a traditional tobacco smoking device which was derived from Middle East and South Asia. Hookah (Turkish Nargile) is not only a device smoke, but also a part of culture for many countries. For example, in Turkey Hookah is really an old tradition and Turkish people have using Hookah for hundreds of years, so we can easily say Hookah is not only a device to smoke but also a part of Turkish culture and also very common in Turkey. You can see the Hookah at many touristic places and local places, and tourists coming from different countries find it different and interesting.



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