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Turkish Recipes With Photos

Turkish Recipes

Traditional Turkish cuisine, has an important place in world cuisine.Turkish people, are addicted to the taste. Therefore, eating is an art in Turkey. Especially meat, bitter, sweet and pastry foods, more is preferred. Turkish cuisine, with dishes that people are most interested. In this article, on our site before we can reach the top five recipes.


Turkish Boza

Turkish Boza

Boza is a made from sugar, water and millet semolina. One of the oldest known Turkish beverages. Boza, is usually consumed during the winter months.

Boza, streets and shops are sold by bozacı. Boza is included the following materials: cracked wheat / water / flour / yogurt / yeast / sugar / vanilla / cinnamon

In conjunction with roasted chickpea is consumed. You can also on sprinkle cinnamon.


Turkish Dolma - Sarma (Stuffed Vine Leaves)

Turkish Stuffed Vine Leaves

Dolma has a important place in Turkish cuisine. In almost every region of the Turkish cuisine is one of the national dishes. Almost all vegetables can use make Dolma.

Sarma, is made with grape leaves or cabbage. Often made from vine leaves are preferred. A main dish, and can be consumed as an appetizer. As can be eaten plain, is poured over the beaten yogurt. In Turkey is one of the essential flavor.

Dolma meal, with neighboring countries are also almost the same Turkish name.



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