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4 Most Used Turkish Bread Types

Turkish Bread Types

Turkey has a great geographical location and this make its culture to be so wide. In Turkish food and cuisine culture breads have a special place. There are so many Turkish bread types but I will explain only just 4 of them.

1.Simit : Simit is a circular Turkish bread type used widely in breakfast served with a cup of tea. On the top of them you can find sesame seeds.

2.Mısır Ekmek (Cornbread) : It’s a Turkish bread type not used very much and its made from corn wheat.


Turkish Drinks : Salep

Turkish Salep Tea

Salep is additionally the name of a cooler fabricated from salep flour, whose acceptance advance above Turkey and the Middle East to England and Germany afore the acceleration of coffee and tea and after offered as an another cooler in coffee houses. In England, the alcohol was accepted as "saloop". Popular in the 17th and 18th centuries in England its alertness appropriate that the salep crumb be added to baptize until thickened whereupon it would be aperitive again flavored with orange annual or rose waters.


Being a Vegetarian in Istanbul

As many other eastern countries, in Turkey meat have his king place in cooking behaviors and Turkish dishes so it is not easy to eat in Istanbul if you are a vegetarian. You have to choose carefully your foods. Be clear when asking if there is meet in the meals or not because most of them recognize this as only a question about red meat, not chicken or fish meat.

Don’t be scary about the first sentences, I can make you sure that you will not starve if you can eat cheese. There are a lot of salad and ‘’meze’’ types made with cheese.



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