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Turkish Raki

turkish raki

Raki is an alcoholic drink whose raw materials are aniseed and Suma which is obtained by distillation of grapes mash. It is produced by the second distillation of Suma, which is mixed with agricultural ethyl alcohol, with aniseed. Raki, as it is worldwide known, is only produced in Turkey.

First, the grapes are sorted out and fermented grape juice is obtained from them. A liquid with alcohol is composed after the pasteurization of grape juice. This alcoholic liquid is turned into Suma in distillation unit. After this procedure, Suma is distilled, for the second time, with aniseed in copper ewers. Raki which in the medium level of the ewers is named “Göbek” (Belly) and It contains alcohol at a high level.

The alcohol level of this liquid is arranged by adding water so that it can be drinkable. After resting for a month, Raki is filled in bottles and it gets ready for being consumed.

Raki is a popular drink in Turkey, and it always tastes authentic for the tourists. This special drink should be consumed with side dishes (mezzes) peculiar to it so that you can enjoy the taste of Raki.

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