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Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight

Turkish delight, which is named Lokum in Turkish, is a kind of candy peculiar to Turkey. Its raw materials are sugar and starch. It is made by boiling a mixture consisting of sugar solution, starch suspension and citric acid. Boiled mixture is cooled until it gets a certain density. Then, it is poured into special moulds inside of which is covered by starch. The starch prevents the mixture sticking to the inner part of the moulds.

After this procedure, Lokum blocks are cut into cubic pieces. These pieces are covered by powdered sugar, coconuts or hazelnut powder. Some types of Lokum have hazelnuts as whole in the center of the cube or on it. These additives give extra taste to Lokum.

Turkish delight seems like chewing gum and it may stick to your teeth. So, we don’t recommend it to you if you have got sensitive teeth. Though, if you are curious about tasting different things, you will certainly love this authentic Turkish candy.

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