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Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee refers to the method of preparing coffee by boiling it in a pot called Cezve. This method is totally different from European or American coffee preparation style. Turkish coffee is the only coffee which is served with its grounds. That’s because that it is prepared by boiling coffee powder with sugar and water.

Turkish coffee can be prepared with no sugar, little sugar, medium sugar and a lot sugar according to the desire of people. Good Turkish should have foam on it and it should be served in a porcelain cup. Generally, a glass of water is also served alongside the coffee and that water should be drunk before drinking the coffee.

Since coffee was introduced to Europeans by Ottomans, they consumed coffee in Turkish style for a long time but they don’t now. However, Turkish coffee is still consumed in the former lands of Ottoman Empire such as Greece, Arabic countries and Balkans. But, if you want to taste the best Turkish coffee, the country where you’ll drink it has to be Turkey.

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