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Turkish Borek (Flaky Pastry)

Turkish Borek

Börek is a very popular and also very delicious cuisine which comes from the Turkish foods. Actually, it’s not only belongs to the Turks, it originally comes from the Ottoman Empire and it has a long history as you can see. So, today börek is cooked not only in Turkey but also in Greece, Albania, Bulgaria and some other countries with other names like banisa in Bulgaria, boureg in Albania and burekki in Greece. But, it’s still produced and eaten in Turkey at most. It is generally a part of Turkish breakfast and they also eat it at lunch, sometimes.

Some people curious about whether they can cook börek at their home but it’s not very possible to cook börek at home. Because, you would need some special things if you want to cook börek. A big basin, huge furnace and lots of sesame are just few of them. Also, you have to be master about cook if you want to do that. Also, there are lots of types of börek, they especially be cooked in Turkey. Su böreği, Kol böreği, Gül böreği, Laz böreği and Sigara Böreği (Cigarette Börek) just a few of them. They all have different types of tastes and different types of cooking styles. Su Böreği has a big and square shape, Kol Böreği is long and direct ( kol means arm in Turkish,) Rose Böreği is like rose shaped, Laz Böreği is sweet and especially cooked in Black Sea region of Turkey and Sigara Börek is long and direct shape like a cigarette.

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