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Turkish Ayran

Turkish Ayran

Ayran is yogurt based drink. Yogurt into the water and salt is obtained by joining. Ayran is the traditional drink of the Turks, the Balkan and Asian countries as well drink.

Ayran did not show differences in local construction in terms of types vary. Susurluk (in Balıkesir, Turkey) region with a small electric motor, buttermilk, was pulled from the boiler through a narrow pipe is emptied to regain the top quickly. During this circulation of the oil, Ayran foam forms on. This is known as Susurluk Ayran. In some eastern parts of Turkey with the mixing method is obtained that ayran is delicious and frothy.

Ayran is usually served chilled, and is a common accompaniment to döner, kebab, gözleme, or pastry.

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