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Side Dishes for Raki (Mezzes)

Turkish Raki Mezes

Turkish people who drink Raki think that it shouldn’t be drunk without mezze. They think that drinking Raki is like a kind of art. If you drink Raki, you should have some mezzes which taste best together with it.

Tomato jam with hot pepper is one of these mezzes. It is easy to prepare and delicious. Another Raki mezze is Gavurdagi Salad made of tomatoes and onions minced in cubic pieces, chopped up green peppers and parsley. Minced nuts and olive oil are its additives.

Minced carrot with olive oil is also another delicious mezze. However, the most popular mezze eaten beside Raki is Haydari. Its name is identified with Raki. They are like two true friends that can never do without each other. Haydari is prepared by mixing yoghurt, garlic, mint, salt, cumin and a little olive oil. What gives you the real taste of Raki is the mezzes. If you want to enjoy drinking Raki in Turkey, ensure yourself that you will be served the best mezzes along with it.

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