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Kebab, Adana Kebab, Urfa Kebab

Meat has got a distinguished place in Turkish Cuisine as it is widely used in meals, especially in kebabs. The word “kebab” seems like the name of a unique meal, but in fact it represents a large group (over 100 types) of meat meals. In Turkey, the most common type of kebab is Döner Kebab which is mostly called “Iskender Kebab”. It is a type of Döner which is decorated by yoghurt, rice, grilled pepper and salad, and served with hot sauce on it.

Adana Kebab is also a famous meat meal in Turkey. It is made with ground meat mixed with a variety of spices. That’s why it is generally called “Acılı (hot) Adana” Kebab. Adana Kebab should be eaten after putting it in a thin bread (lavash) alongside other things like salad, onion, pickles etc.

These are just two examples of large Kebab family but we will try to describe other types of Kebab in our next articles so that you can get an idea about them before deciding to taste them.

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