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How to Cook Turkish Ravioli - Turkish Manti Recipe

Turkish Manti


4 glasses of screened flour
2 eggs
125 grams of margarine
250 grams of minced meat
A bunch of parsley
An onion
2 glasses of yoghurt
Red pepper and garlic

Preparing Minced Meat:

Add small parts of onion, parsley, salt and a little black pepper, also add enough red pepper and knead it.

Preparing Sauce

Melt half a pack of the margarine and add a spoon of tomato paste, a little bit red pepper and salt, half of a little type of glass water. Boil it for 2 minutes. If you want, you may also add gravy.)

Cooking Ravioli

Screen your flour to an even place first. Then add enough water and salt to it then start to knead this dough. Cut your dough into two pieces and broaden it. Then, cut them as squares and fill their inside with your materials, finally close their mouths. Prepare a salty water and put these pasties inside of this water then boil it. Boil them until these pasties start to be soft and when it comes, add a glass of cold water. This step helps your pasties to stay fresh. After these steps, filter the excess water of pasties but a little bit of water should stay in pasties. If you prepare sauce, add it into the pasties and blend it for a short time. You can add green garlic while you are serving it. Enjoy it!

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