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Famous Turkish Dessert : Baklava

Turkish Baklava

If you ask a Turk “which is the most popular dessert in Turkish cuisine”, he will most probably say “Baklava”. It is a delicious dessert which is made of finely layered pastry. These layers are so thin and there are nuts between them. It is baked and then steeped in syrup composed of boiled water with sugar.

Baklava, like Kebab, has got a wide range of variety. They contain hazelnuts, peanuts, walnuts and pictachios between layers. A type of Baklava seems like a cigar filled with minced pistachios while another one filled with hazelnuts is like a stuffed green pepper.

Baklava is available even in the smallest patisseries every season and it is mostly consumed in religious festivals. It is a tradition in Turkey to serve desserts to the people in religious festivals. Tough, you don’t have to visit Turkey in a religious holiday to eat it, you just need to ask for it whenever you want.

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