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Classic Turkish Breakfast

Turkish omelet

If you like classic Turkish breakfast, we can offer you the trip from Istanbul comes at the beginning of ...

Location, guests of all things classical freshly prepared breakfast is offered a choice.

Sightseeing in Istanbul breakfast dish of fresh cheese, feta cheese,butter, jam, olives, green olives, tomato, cucumber, fresh bread basket, patisserie travel oven selections from fresh squeezed orange juice, tea or coffee is made up of. Breakfast plate, but the price is 15 TL , further enhance the various options available for those who want.

Each of the price 3.50 TL, these special options in the goat cheese, sheep cheese, goat cheese, herbed cheese, feta cheese, old cheese, Trabzon cheese, honey, cream, cereal and fruit yogurt alternatives is located.

Croissant, Brioche, fresh bread basket, butter, jam, tea or "cafe au lait" in the tastes of the circumcision.Price is 11 TL.

Those who say I can not think of a breakfast without eggs is not forgotten. Sightseeing in Istanbul omelet, plain omelet, cheese omelet, plain, Sausage, bacon and cheese, scrambled eggs and fried delicacies made from the egg creates. Prices will vary between 4.50 and 7.50 TL.

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