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A Unique Dessert with Turkish Ice Cream (Dondurma)

Maraş Dondurması Turkish Ice Cream

Turkish ice cream is otherwise known in the native language as dondurma.  If it will be your first time to eat dondurma, you will immediately notice some stark differences between it and ice cream as it is known in most countries.  Dondurma is denser, more elastic and slower when it comes to melting compared to Western ice cream.  It is made up of a combination of milk, salep and mastic resin.  Mastic resin comes obviously from the mastic tree, an evergreen which comes from the family of pistachios.  On the other hand, salep is a kind of flour that is manufactured out of Turkish wild orchid


Enjoying A Nutritious and Delicious Turkish Salad

Turkish Salad

Because of the Mediterranean location of Turkey, it cannot be helped that most people will expect a Turkish salad when trying out local food. The traditional type of salad from Turkey comes with couscous, with tomatoes, mint, cucumber and spring onions.  For those who want to try preparing an authentic salad from Turkey, they should cover the couscous with water first before draining and removing the excess water out of it.


Turkish Vegetable Dishes

Turkish Vegetable Dishes

There are many vegetarian in Turkey. For this reason, has an important place in the vegetable dishes. Turkish cuisine is rich in vegetable dishes. Vegetable dishes at the tourists coming to Turkey can easily find.

To give an example of some Turkish vegetable dishes; Vegetable stew, pumpkin food, stuffed vine leaves, eggplant dishes, pilav, artichoke, green pea, sauteed mushrooms, etc.. Black cabbage is a vegetable commonly used in the Black Sea region.



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