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Enjoying A Nutritious and Delicious Turkish Salad

Turkish Salad

Because of the Mediterranean location of Turkey, it cannot be helped that most people will expect a Turkish salad when trying out local food. The traditional type of salad from Turkey comes with couscous, with tomatoes, mint, cucumber and spring onions.  For those who want to try preparing an authentic salad from Turkey, they should cover the couscous with water first before draining and removing the excess water out of it.

Onions, cucumbers and tomatoes have to be prepared by chopping.  It is also recommended for the cucumber to be peeled first before being cut into slices.  Then, the vegetables can be now combined with the couscous and mixed, adding oil and lemon in the mixture while stirring.  Turkish salad can be either chilled first before serving, or can be served right away after preparation.

Another type of salad from Turkey is the cacik which is supposed to be a cool treat for the summer days.  Ingredients for the cacik are dried mint, olive oil, plain yogurt, salt, garlic and cucumbers tossed and mixed together.  As one notice, Turkish salad may look very simple, but its flavors and nutritional content make it a must for people who want tasty food that’s good for the body as well.

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