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Education System in Turkey

Turkey Culture Education

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk made a radical change in Turkey’s culture education after he founded the Republic of Turkey in 1923. The aim of his radical change was to spread the education in wide range to include all the population. He believed that the future of this country was depended on education of masses and excluding the private schools, education in Turkey is free of charge till in high school (12 years of education). Education fees in state universities vary but they are around $150USD - $300USD for Turkish students and 4-10 times more for foreigners citizens.

Turkey culture education is very important for Turkish people. They believe that knowing their culture will help them through. Turkish education system is similar as most of countries in middle east and southeastern Europe. The first 5 years in turkey’s education system include basic subjects, the next 7 years there is one specialist teacher for each subject. Also a foreign language, French, English or German is included and religion classes are optional.

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