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4 Most Used Turkish Bread Types

Turkish Bread Types

Turkey has a great geographical location and this make its culture to be so wide. In Turkish food and cuisine culture breads have a special place. There are so many Turkish bread types but I will explain only just 4 of them.

1.Simit : Simit is a circular Turkish bread type used widely in breakfast served with a cup of tea. On the top of them you can find sesame seeds.

2.Mısır Ekmek (Cornbread) : It’s a Turkish bread type not used very much and its made from corn wheat.


Education System in Turkey

Turkey Culture Education

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk made a radical change in Turkey’s culture education after he founded the Republic of Turkey in 1923. The aim of his radical change was to spread the education in wide range to include all the population. He believed that the future of this country was depended on education of masses and excluding the private schools, education in Turkey is free of charge till in high school (12 years of education). Education fees in state universities vary but they are around $150USD - $300USD for Turkish students and 4-10 times more for foreigners citizens.


Turkey Culture Heritage

Turkish Culture Heritage

Turkey culture heritage is very rich, because the land of Anatolia had seen too many civilizations in thousands of years. You can have an idea about turkey culture heritage only if you visit places like Istanbul, Ephesus and much more. Turkey is a open museum, there are heritage places remained from different civilization in every city in Turkey. Also more historical artifacts of Anatolian and Turkish Culture heritage you can find in museums in Turkey and museums in countries like USA, Germany, England, Italy, France, Denmark, Switzerland, Russia etc.



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