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A Unique Dessert with Turkish Ice Cream (Dondurma)

Maraş Dondurması Turkish Ice Cream

Turkish ice cream is otherwise known in the native language as dondurma.  If it will be your first time to eat dondurma, you will immediately notice some stark differences between it and ice cream as it is known in most countries.  Dondurma is denser, more elastic and slower when it comes to melting compared to Western ice cream.  It is made up of a combination of milk, salep and mastic resin.  Mastic resin comes obviously from the mastic tree, an evergreen which comes from the family of pistachios.  On the other hand, salep is a kind of flour that is manufactured out of Turkish wild orchid


Enjoying A Nutritious and Delicious Turkish Salad

Turkish Salad

Because of the Mediterranean location of Turkey, it cannot be helped that most people will expect a Turkish salad when trying out local food. The traditional type of salad from Turkey comes with couscous, with tomatoes, mint, cucumber and spring onions.  For those who want to try preparing an authentic salad from Turkey, they should cover the couscous with water first before draining and removing the excess water out of it.


Smoking in Turkey: A Nationwide Passion

Smoking in Turkey

Smoking in Turkey is something a lot of people outside the country may consider to be second nature for the Turkish. Yet, tobacco, or tutun in Turkish, is not actually native to Turkey, but to North America.  The Ottoman Empire had to import it from the Americas so that it can be cultivated in Turkey.  The tobacco that has been raised in Turkey since then has acquired its own characteristics, with a full but not too strong flavor. Except for the tumbak variety of tobacco grown in the Konya region, most tobacco from Turkey is low in substances that are carcinogenic and nicotine.


The Cool Rural Charms of Ovacik, Turkey

Ovacik Turkey Tourism

Ovacik, Turkey is one of those towns that may be visited by a lot of tourists when going to Turkey, but is not necessarily a household name or something that is on the top 5 recommendations of any Turkish travel book.  People who have been there though, have nothing but praises for the natural and pristine beauty of this town.  It is right behind the world famous Oludeniz beach resort and lagoon, which also leads to another world-renowned attraction, Mount Olympus.


Making Sure Last Minute Deals for Turkey Holidays are Possible

 Last Minute Deals Turkey

Last minute deals for Turkey holidays can be a bit of a challenge to look for, especially during the peak months of summer and spring.  The key for people who want to take advantage of these deals is always to be vigilant of any promotions, especially these days that it is relatively easier to spot them, since a lot of discounts are being offered in travel websites.  At the same time, the smart and money-conscious traveler should know that there are patterns when really good deals can be arranged.



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