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Between Turkey and Russia Visas Abolished for 30 Day Travellers

Turkey Russia Visas

Visa-free countries, Russia added on to go. Procedures for citizens of the Republic of Turkey with the Russian Federation on mutual travels agreement, entered into force as of today.

Application in the number of Russian tourists coming to Turkey this year, 3 million 4 million. 300 thousand 500 thousand and the number of Turks from Turkey to Russia is expected to go.

Under the agreement the two countries' citizens not exceeding 30 days within 90 days, travelers will not be subject to a visa application.

Visa-free period between the two countries, both to trade, both contracting services, and expected positive impacts of tourism. Russia and Turkey last year, 26.2 billion dollars in the foreign trade volume, within 1 year of the abolition of visas is expected to reach 40 billion dollars. Russia's exports of Turkey in fifth place, while imports of 11 is in order. Turkey, Russia, the export of textile fibers and products, vegetables, fruits, motor vehicles, apparel and accessories, electrical machinery and equipment were found in the imports of crude coal tar and petroleum products, gas, water, gas, poor gas, petroleum gases , natural gas, iron and steel, nonferrous metals, coal, lignite, metal ores is located.

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