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Top 10 Turkish Kebab Photos

Kebab - Kebap in Turkish- most preferred food at Turkey and of course, very very delicios. Although most of the dishes cooked in this grid, also called the juicy kebab dishes such as tas kebab. Such dishes that the restaurant is called a kebab. Often used as a meat sheep or beef.

Adana kebab most prominent feature that distinguishes it from other unforgettable used. Meat, natural environment and must be obtained with a unique flora of highlands bred sheep men. Technique and skill differ significantly adds to the product. Mix the ingredients used in preparing pepper paste, red pepper flakes, oil is the tail. Adana Kebab service, complementary elements which are green, sumac onions and salad should be made. Below, photos will you hungry:

Turkish Adana Kebab with other grilled kebabs, photo source:

Turkish Adana Kebab on Grill, photo source:

Turkish Adana Kebab with Pilav, photo source:

Turkish Kebab with Pistachio, photo source:

Turkish Eggplant Kebab, photo source:

Turkish Sis Kebap, photo source:

Turkish Beyti Kebab, photo source:

Turkish Ciger (Liver) Kebab, photo source:

Turkish Doner Kebab, photo source:

Turkish Wrap Doner Kebab, photo source:

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