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Beautiful and Meaningful Turkish Girls Names

Turkish Girls Names

Turkish girls names are a very meaningful part of the culture of this country, mainly because most names used for girls can be readily accessed for meaning in the dictionary.  It means that most Turkish women have names that can be directly translated into significant words, unlike a majority of Christian names whose meanings are just derived.  While it is true that there are American women who are named Joy or Hope, they are really not a lot.  Most meanings of American and European names are from their original Greek or Latin root.

But like Americans or Europeans, there are also Turkish girls names that are more popular than others.  One of these popular names is Ceren, which is actually pronounced as “Jeren” as C has a J sound in Turkish.  This name means gazelle (as in the animal) in Turkish.  Another name popular among Turkish women is Melek.  The popularity of the name may be attributed to its meaning, which is angel.  Another name which closely resembles Melek is Melike or queen in Turkish.

Apart from these, the most common girls' names (top Turkish girls name) are in Turkey: Ayse, Fatma, Zeynep, Elif and Özlem.

Turkish girls names are quite beautiful and exotic, but can be pretty difficult for people outside Turkey, which is why not a lot of prospective parents don’t use them despite the beautiful meanings.

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