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Kutahya Tile and Ceramic Art

Turkish Tiles

Tile and Ceramic is really hard materials and it’s also hard to form them. Kutahya tile and ceramic are really famous especially in Turkey. Kutahya not only produce these tiles and ceramics only for Turkey, also import them and lots of country have Kutahya tile and ceramic. The history of tile and ceramic really dates back very very old, it dates back about the 9.000 years ago. The tile and ceramic making in Kutahya started centuries ago and it has reached it’s top point about 14th century. From that point Kutahya is really an important city for tile and ceramic, not only for Turkey but also for whole world.

You can find Kutahya tiles and ceramics any part of the world. But the most quality types of them still produced in Kutahya and it’s easy to get them in Kutahya. Because, other parts of the world it’s very expensive and some of them are not quality types. There are also antique types of tiles and they are really expensive. As we said before, the history o tile dates back too old and antique tiles are sold in expensive prices some parts of the world for antiquaries with public auctions.

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