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Karagoz and Hacivat


Have you ever heard something about the sense of humor of Turkey? Or, are you interested in it? Actually, Karagoz and Hacivat are just two examples of Turkish sense of humor, with this article I will try to give you some information about these two amazing people’s history: Karagoz and Hacivat.

It is told that it was once a true history, for now it is just a history and a shadow play that is played at special days and fets of Turkey. There are lots of myths in the history like Karagoz and Hacivat and they are a special two. Let me tell their story a little bit, may be you will have some information about it. Karagoz and Hacivat were two workers at the age of Ottomans and they have worked to construct a mosque. But the problem is, they were just too funny, they always make the other people who are working with them laugh. So, the consturction process was too slow so managers had to do something. So, they did what? They punished the Karagoz and Hacivat and they sentenced Karagoz and Hacivat to the death. That makes the Karagoz and Hacivat legends, after that years Turkish people started to perform Karagoz and Hacivat shadow plays.

This is a tradation for especially Ramadan ( a holy month) and every evening of the Ramadan, some Karagoz and Hacivat shadow plays are performed at Turkey. That is still a tradition for them.

Sample Karagöz and Hacivat Video:

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