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Hagia Sophia in Istanbul

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia is a great and historical museum in Istanbul, Turkey. It’s very close to another great historical structure in Istanbul, Sultan Ahmet Mosque. There is no exact evidence when was Hagia Sophia was built and who built that great structure, but history experts think that Hagia Sophia was built before the year of 1000. Hagia Sophia had served as a church until Ottoman conquered the Istanbul city at 1453. After Ottomans conquered the Istanbul, Hagia Sophia was tuned into a mosque at the year of 1453 and it served as a mosque for several years. After Ottomans collapsed and Turkish Republic was found, Hagia Sophia changed it’s service again at was turned into a museum. It has been serving as museum since the year of 1935.

There are lots of historical good inside of Hagia Sophia and this museum is worth a visit for sure. Every year, lots of people from different countries come to visit Hagia Sophia because of it’s touristic and historical value. Especially people from Middle East countries, South Korean, Chinese and Japanese people like to visit Hagia Sophia and it’s a famous at these countries. There are lots of historical goods inside of Hagia Sophia. Haghia Sophia was servd both as church and as mosque so there are historical things both belong to Christianity and Islam. Hagia Sophia is considered to heart of Istanbul so every people who visit the Istanbul should visit Hagia Sophia. It is forbidden to take photos inside of Haghia Sophia.

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