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Galata Tower in Istanbul

Galata Tower in Istanbul, Turkey

The Galata Tower, although there is no exact information about its construction, it is supposed to be built in 507 AD during the reign of Emperor Justinianus. In 1348, the Genoese gave an architectural structure adjacent to that of today. It was not known Genoese Tower of Christ and by the Byzantines, the Grand Tour. 

The tower was severely damaged after the earthquake de1509 and was restored by famous Ottoman architect of the time, Hayrettin. On the other hand, the tower was used as a prison for convicts Workers Kasimpacha Arsenal, Istanbul, during the reign of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent. In the last period of the 16th century, the astrologer Takiyeddin Efendi, has placed an observatory at the top of the tower. It was used in this way for some time and was reprocessed in jail at the time of Sultan Murad III.

In 1638, during the reign of Murad IV, Hezarfen Ahmed Celebi was the famous bol from the Galata Tower to Uskudar, fixing his arm wings. Towards the 17th century, the tower has also received the mehter takimi (military band) and following the increase in fires in Istanbul in 1717, it was used as an observatory to address the problem of a fire. Unfortunately, the tower could not escape the fire of 1794.

In the reign of Selim III. An oriel was placed on the top floor of The Galata Tower after its restoration. The tower had another fire in 1831. This time, Sultan Mahmud II had two additional floors to the tower and had covered the famous cone-shaped roof of ice. During the restoration done at that time, an epigraph Pertev Pasha was placed in the tower. The cone-shaped roof ice was destroyed during a violent storm in 1875 and was restored again in 1960. The tower is managed by a private company as a tourist destination. We have access to the balcony that encircles the tower through an elevator that goes up to 7 floors of stairs and then by two floors.The view from the balcony makes us enjoy the beautiful landscape of Istanbul and the Bosphorus.

The Dimensions

Today, the height of the Galata Tower is 66.90 meters, the outer diameter of 16.45 meters, the inside diameter of 8.95 meters. The wall thickness is about 3.75 meters.

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