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A Unique Dessert with Turkish Ice Cream (Dondurma)

Maraş Dondurması Turkish Ice Cream

Turkish ice cream is otherwise known in the native language as dondurma.  If it will be your first time to eat dondurma, you will immediately notice some stark differences between it and ice cream as it is known in most countries.  Dondurma is denser, more elastic and slower when it comes to melting compared to Western ice cream.  It is made up of a combination of milk, salep and mastic resin.  Mastic resin comes obviously from the mastic tree, an evergreen which comes from the family of pistachios.  On the other hand, salep is a kind of flour that is manufactured out of Turkish wild orchids that carry the same name.

Turkish ice cream is a staple in the country’s history, as it has been made for close to 300 years already.  It originated from the southeastern portion of the country, where salep, mastric trees and milk are always in abundance.  Making it requires a metallic rod to whip the ingredients together.  Once the desired consistency is met, it is then draped on hooks to be “cured” before being frozen.  It will then be eaten cold, with the use of a fork or knife.  It cannot be frozen as it will turn too hard and brittle.  Turkish ice cream is one delicacy you won’t find outside the country as government has regulated the exportation of salep because of low supplies.

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