Turkish Raki

turkish raki

Raki is an alcoholic drink whose raw materials are aniseed and Suma which is obtained by distillation of grapes mash. It is produced by the second distillation of Suma, which is mixed with agricultural ethyl alcohol, with aniseed. Raki, as it is worldwide known, is only produced in Turkey.


Yedigöller National Park


These lakes are situated at a paradise, height of which for 3.200 meters and concealed among the sharp rocky peaks of Eastern Black Sea Region. Visitors canreach the area through the Mor Plateau of ispir. Soil land trek goes until the close ends of the lakes. Close surroundings are inhabited. The area is one of the places where the loneliness and the isolation are felt well. The land trek can be used only in July and August. Various fish habit in the Lakes. We dare say that the area is the most influential mountain lakes of the country owing to the amazingly wild natural scenes.


Famous Turkish Dessert : Baklava

Turkish Baklava

If you ask a Turk “which is the most popular dessert in Turkish cuisine”, he will most probably say “Baklava”. It is a delicious dessert which is made of finely layered pastry. These layers are so thin and there are nuts between them. It is baked and then steeped in syrup composed of boiled water with sugar.

Baklava, like Kebab, has got a wide range of variety. They contain hazelnuts, peanuts, walnuts and pictachios between layers. A type of Baklava seems like a cigar filled with minced pistachios while another one filled with hazelnuts is like a stuffed green pepper.



Kebab, Adana Kebab, Urfa Kebab

Meat has got a distinguished place in Turkish Cuisine as it is widely used in meals, especially in kebabs. The word “kebab” seems like the name of a unique meal, but in fact it represents a large group (over 100 types) of meat meals. In Turkey, the most common type of kebab is Döner Kebab which is mostly called “Iskender Kebab”. It is a type of Döner which is decorated by yoghurt, rice, grilled pepper and salad, and served with hot sauce on it.



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